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Warning, this game is pretty unoptimized. Expect terrible FPS without a decent rig. 


You're Scarlet Valaire, Detective Specialist in Her Majesty's Secret Investigative Bureau. tasked with investigating strange goings on. Your latest investigation has lead you a remote lake side, and there are definitely strange goings on.

How to play:

WASD + Mouse look
Left mouse button - Use
Right mouse button -Look
F - Lantern


This game was made for Scream Jam 2020 and while fully playable to the end, it's missing some of the planned puzzles and story elements, and it's super buggy.

My goal for this jam was to learn about level design and 3d game development, so while a lot of assets were created during the jam, there are a number of commercial and paid assets that have been used as well:

Paid Assets:

CC4 Licensed 3d Assets

CC3 Licensed Sound Assets


Omne Obscurus.zip 474 MB

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