A downloadable game for Windows

A kz/surf clone made for #HarvestMouseJam. Similar to CSGO KZ, though the movement is kinda janky right now.

I've play tested this against a few people and it's really only going to appeal to people who know and enjoy airstrafing mechanics from idtech or source engine games such as quake, CSGO, etc.

This game does have auto-hop so just hold down space if you don't wanna hop with the scroll wheel.


  • Hub world/jb_bhop_tutorial - a beginner map that shows the basic functionality, it also includes a mapselect room to go to the other maps
  • jb_bhop_spring - This is where I spent the majority of my mapping time. It's pretty hard though :)
  • jb_bhop_bighop - This was a map for testing acceleration values for bhopping, it's basically just a regular bhop map, no surfs or anything.
  • jb_surf_test - Like the bhop map, this map was made for testing surf physics.

How to play:
Download the zip, extract, and run JumpyBoi.exe

WASD - Move
Space - Jump
Hold Space - Auto BHOP
Mouse wheel up/down - Jump

I don't have a linux build but I can probably sus it if someone wants it, just hit me up on twitter @MagnusFurcifer


JumpyBoi.zip 85 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run JumpuBoi.exe

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