Shooter made for #StopWaitingforGodot jam. 

Dev thread on twitter:

The goal of this jam is to learn something new. I've got a bit of experience with Godot already so I decided to focus on learning navmesh, bullet collision, and importing and using 3d animations. All 3 are still a bit janky in this game, but I think I'm getting a hang of the basics. 

Get to the end of each level as fast as you can. 

  1. WASD - Move
  2. Space/Scroll wheel - Jump
  3. Mouse 1 - Shoot


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Tags3D, Experimental, Short


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Solid! Here's my attempt at a speed run.

10/10 enemy death animation; doesn’t seem like you can go back to level 1 after you’ve completed all of them? (the menu goes back to lv3)

nice controls, enemies melted when killed