Beb and Bob's Adventure Home!

How to Play:
Download, extract, and launch BebandBob.exe :)

Bob and Beb need to get home to self-isolate, but the world has other ideas! They may need each others help to get home, but they also have to maintain social distancing!

A/S/Left Arrow/Right Arrow - Move left and Right
Space - Jump
Ctrl - Switch between Beb and Bob
Shift - Sprint

SillyNyanCat - Art, Design, Music
MagnusFurcifer - Programming, Design
ImAbout2Explode - Design

GODOT - Engine
Wolfram Alpha Tones - Proc gen music
Pyxel/ - Art
Bfxr - SFX


Beb and Bob for Windows 14 MB
Download 49 MB


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Very fun game, It has an intersting twist on a known premise (bit like fireboy and watergirl), it has a few bugs, but that doesn't take away the fun. All in all a great game :)