Ambo rush. Get the people to the hospital.

WASD or Arrows to move.

This was made for the TriJam 3 hour game jam. I went slightly over time because I paused my timer and forget to restart it when I came back to the computer. Probally about 3 hours + 10-15 minutes not including exporting and submission. All assets made during the 3 hours apart from some camera and physics code snippets that came from a GODOT demo in the asset library. Sound was done with BXFR and music with Wolfram Alpha tones. Modeling with Blender and the building addon.

Completed a few diversifiers:

  1. Used the GODOT Engine
  2. Source is availabe on the itch page
  3. N/A
  4. I actually made 2 games this weekend, the other being: It was for a different jam and took about 4 hours.
  5. N/A


Download 20 MB

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