A downloadable game for Windows

----How to run the game!----

1> Download one of the executable versions of the game: APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby.zip or APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby-NoSave.zip or APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby_EXE.zip

2> Extract the ZIP file somewhere

3> Double click on APT.jar or APT.exe if you've downloaded the _EXE version

4> Become the cyber kitty.

There are three versions for download:

APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby.zip - Saves best time data locally in the C:\Users\<User>\.prefs\APT file (An XML File).

APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby-NoSave.zip - Has this saving functioanlity disabled, in case you don't want the game putting anything in your user directory :)

APT-AdvancedPersistentTabby_EXE.zip - Has saves, and is also packaged into an executable with a bundled JRE in the archive so you don't need to install Java. It's big though.

Cats are the real monsters, and they are out to get us.

Tabby, a super secret cyber agent for the Kitty Liberation Army has a mission: To sit on laptop keyboards in order to prevent humans from doing things they need to do.

Will Tabby succeed? Will humanity pay the ultimate price for it's arrogance?


Left Arrow - Go Left
Right Arrow - Go Right
Space - Jump
S - Suicide

Xbox 360 Controller:
D-Pad Left - Go Left
D-Pad Right - Go Right
A - Jump
Y - Suicide

For those of you that read this far down, there is a super secret level for only most elite of cyber kitty agents. To get to this level, hold the "L" and "D" keys down on the title screen :)


APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby.zip 14 MB
APT-AdvacnedPersistentTabby-NoSave.zip 14 MB
APT-AdvancedPersistentTabby_EXE.zip 46 MB
APT-Source.7z 12 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run APT.jar